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Sinusitis in Austin

I find that once you have a sinus infection you will probably ALWAYS have the sinus infection. Whenever the soft tissue lining the sinus cavity swells up (secondary to allergy or a rhino virus) the “drain hole” will swell shut and the pressure builds up. When the pressure forces the vascular interface back from the surface of the sinus tissue your old friend the sinus infection arises from its dormant state and starts to have lunch…on you.

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Austin Sinusitis Treatments

Antibiotics are foolish in my view unless there is a “bloody” discharge. The reason I say that is because bacteria that live on the surface of the mucus membranes lining the sinus cavity cause the sinus infection. The antibiotics are carried around the body in the bloodstream. There is no blood flow in the sinuses…they are hollow caves in your head. So how can the antibiotic get to the infection? It can’t. Doctors mistakenly (in my view) prescribe antibiotics because they “help” the condition. While it is true that antibiotics “help” in that they relieve the symptoms, they do so because they have an anti-inflammatory effect on the sinus tissue which allows the sinus to resume normal drainage, the pressure is thereby relieved and the infection becomes dormant once again…until the NEXT TIME the tissue swells. Then… “It’s baaaaaaack”…..

So, what IS a more reasonable approach? I suggest a mucolytic enzyme like potassium iodide or guaifensin (makes the mucus thin like paint thinner allowing the sinus to drain more readily). Then for the BEST holistic method, which nearly always results in shrinkage of the mucus, membrane is SINUS IRRIGATION. This method has been around as long as sinus infections have. Our ancestors probably “snuffed” handfuls of seawater up their noses to help relieve sinus pain and pressure. Anyway that you can get mild saltwater to rinse out your nose will help. There are several over the counter preparations and large-scale prescription ones available from your Doctor.

In conclusion, I would suggest you consider serious sinus irrigation using an ordinary Water-Pik” (about $35.00 in most drug stores) and a “Sinus Irrigation Adapter” available through my office (also available from the Allergy & More Stores, about $30.00). This system allows you to use 1,000 ml. of a saltwater solution through the nasal passages with no discomfort. The recipe for the saltwater solution is in the nasal irrigation section of this site. It includes non-iodized salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to use COOL WATER as hot or even warm water will result in MORE swelling and increased pain and pressure in the sinuses. Remember, you should ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR OWN PHYSICIAN before attempting any of these suggestions.

Dr. Roby, Thank you so much for the recipe for nasal irrigating. The tip for using cold water was particularly helpful since I’d been using this technique as recommended by my allergist (different recipe) but with warm water. I had been doing this for over a week, with no noticeable results except for the “exquisite pain.” I switched to your formula, and, one quart later was breathing as freely as I ever have.

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