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FAQ/Hormone Imbalance

Medicine will be forever changed because of his discoveries.
Monday, August 09, 2004
I was moved when I read your article in Lifestyle Solutions. I lived in Plano in the 70s’, and read the Intowner regularly. It seems that you have reached a comfortable place in your spiritual life, now I would like to offer the same level of comfort in your physical life.

In 1988, I was living a wonderful, though high stress, fun life in Hong Kong. On a trip home to Texas to visit my family, it became evident that my mother was quite ill, and I decided that I would move back to care for her. Almost immediately after I moved here, when I went in for my annual pap smear, I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer.

That wasn’t particularly worrisome, they said. I could have a course of chemo, and be on my way. Unfortunately, the chemo didn’t work, so we tried surgery; then more surgery, and even again.

My problems worsened with each procedure, and in 1991, I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Behcets Disease. I was told that it is a painful, always fatal disorder that has no known cause, no real treatment except palliative, and it is always fatal. The doctors were quick to tell me that most Behcets patients died within three years of diagnosis, and that no one with Behcets lived past age sixty.

I, being rather mulish in my obstinance, went to other doctors for other opinions, but they were all agreed that, yes indeed, my doctors were correct in their collective opinion. I would die very soon.

My migraines escalated, and my joint pain was almost unbearable at times.There was always the extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, and my brain was always fuzzy, at best.

In 1994, I was introduced to Russell Roby, J.D, M.D., a traditional doctor here in Austin who specializes in “mysterious diseases”, who also uses some untraditional methods of application. He has become the physician of last resort for many, many people who have been told that traditional medicine has no hope to offer them. Of course, we know that what they really should be told is that traditional physicians have not been taught what to do in medical school.

My first appointment with Dr. Roby happened on a day that my usual migraine was, on a scale of 0 to 10, the worst that it could ever be. He walked into the exam room, introduced himself, spoke with me about quantifying my symptoms (0 to 10), told me the reasons, in his opinion, for my problems, and asked if I would mind if he did a couple of little intradermal tests to see what I would react to. I agreed. My vicious, number 10 migraine, was totally gone in less than 10 seconds. This had never happened before!

The substances that I was reacting to were progesterone and estrogen. As it turns out, I am, along with countless other people, allergic to some of my own hormones. That is what was making me ill. I have a number of other allergies, too. I have been allergic all of my life.

I know now, having been a patient for so long, and working for Dr. Roby, that hormone imbalance causes all sorts of problems for us. He has done a huge amount of research over the years on hormones and allergy, and the synergistic effects of the two together.

Medicine will be forever changed because of his discoveries. He has worked with the people at ImmunoSciences Lab, in Beverly Hills, to devise a standardized allergy test, for hormones. Until they did this, no one had ever thought that such a thing existed. You can now be tested for IgE response to any of your own hormones.

This would be a good time to tell you that most of the people who work with Dr. Roby, began as patients. Most have worked with him for many years, and believe very passionately, in his work and his generosity. He is willing to share his knowledge with any other doctor who wants to learn, and has never turned away a patient. We feel that he has been blessed to be the person who has been chosen to facilitate these ‘reversals’ of disease. We feel so privileged to be able to be a part of it.

Will you be able to help my wife (post-chemo endometrosis at 30 with one ovary removed)?
Friday, October 29, 2004
Question: I am a new patient from 10-27-04. I believe you have already helped my symptoms and look forward to our continued success with my treatment plan.
Will you be able to help my wife. 52 years old. breast cancer survivor of 13 years , post-chemo threw her into menopause–post menopausal now. Did not participate in Hormone therapy afterward. endometrosis at 30 with one ovary removed. fine facial hair now. stressful job and adrenalin fueled.
Has been successful with me on the South Beach Diet. she has lost 15-20 pounds. Unknown allergies. Will she benefit from your protocol

Dr. Roby Responds:
I think anybody, regardless of the ailment, would benefit from hormone balance (say…that of a thirty or forty year-old person). Add a low-carb diet, low level exercise, more social and sexual activity, and a rich spiritual life…and I think anyone would find they felt about as good as they could.

Hormone Imbalance/Food Allergies since I was a toddler…
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Question: Hi Dr. Roby, I have had allergies since I was a toddler. I started my period at 10 and at 12 my straight hair turned very curly(told it was due to hormones)and gained a lot of weight even though I was active.I am now 30 and have started allergy shots again. I recently lost 42 in pounds in 10 months and have 25 more to lose. The best I felt during my weight loss was when I ate about 800-1000 calories a day and exercised 2 hours a day 7 days a week. During the last month, I only exercised 3 times a week for 40 minutes and didn’t follow my diet as close(1200-1800 calories).As a consequence,my month was horrible. I gained 3-10 pounds(my weight always fluctuates and my stomach never feels flat no matter what I do),I have been overly sensitive,cry very easily,I’ve had a horrible headache,ear ache and allergies. Sounds like food allergies right?
My question is do I have to exercise 2 hours a day and eat 800 calories a day for the rest of my life or is there any medication that can meet me half way and help me out? My entire life I have had sore throats,double ear infections(hearing loss as a result),sinusitus,water retention, and need at least 9-12+hours of sleep,and severe headaches and migraines especially before my period.

With my new way of eating, these symptoms have decreased however, I still have acne and an oily face, scalp hair loss, swollen stomach, night sweats, wake-up from 1:30-3:00am a few times a week, have a pounding heart when I wake up, low body tempature(96.8, they say it’s normal).I am very allergic to grass,molds,dust,trees, and animals.

I am taking Serafem,Yazmin (Birth control),maxide(water retention)and Tetracycline(acne) for PMS symptoms as well as Claritin 24 2x a day, Singular,nose spray,and albuterol plus one more inhaler. I also take phenterimine. At first I used it to help control my appetite, but honestly, I mostly use it for energy. I take two pills that are 37.5mg. each at 6 in the morning and fall easily to sleep at 11pm. I know that phenterimine is considered very bad, but that is the only thing that helps me function normally.I don’t want to take phenterimine any longer because I’m afraid of a heart attack or something. What should I do? Will a doctor think I’m crazy to ask for a hormone panel? What happens when my tests probably come back within the low to normal range? I don’t know that they will, but with my luck, the doctor will probably say, that I’m fine, and I know I’m not. Should I insist that we get my hormones within the high range if the need to be adjusted? It seems as though my whole life has always been surrounded by weight and allergies and the need for sleep(except with phenterimine I don’t need as much sleep).My family says that I act like a 65 year old . Anyways, thank you for your web-site and for a possible solution.

Dr Roby Responds:
I’m afraid you have ansered your own question…”Ifeel best when I exercise 2-3 hours a day and eat 800-1000 calories.”

Same for me. When I finish this email I will get on my treadmill for my morning walk of 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours. I will eat less than 1000 calories of low-carb and low fat food in six spaced meals. That is the only thing that works for me. Yes, the drugs work great. But, we all know that is no long-term solution.

You have discovered a great truth in life…this isn’t going to be easy. You have to bathe every day for the rest of your life. Why not move and eat correctly, for you, for me, the same way?

dr r

Patient Follow-Up:
Thank you, Dr. Roby for your help and responding to me so quickly. While it will be a definite challenge to eat 800-100 calories and exercise for 2 hours every day, I have to say that it is worth it for me. Like I said, I had never felt better, and the happiness from that is priceless.

Thank you for your web-site and helping me solve my problems and realize that it’s not just in my head.

Thank you for your help, Jennifer

Is this something that is common enough (progesterone allergy) that I should seriously consider flying to Austin?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
I have a 19 year old daughter with hormone imbalances and have been thinking I should have her checked for hormone allergies. Does Dr Roby just check for progesterone allergies or does he test for all hormones such as estrogen, thyroid, adrenal?
My daughter is udner the care of a doctor now in Los Angeles who is treating thyriod/ adrenal/ovarian imbalances. The problem is that since starting higher doses of the hormones she seems to feel w*orse instead of better..I don’t know if it is a coincidence or related. She gets nauseated and tired on progesterone when she takes a dose of 100mg of cream..

She has had labs done for thyriod/ cortisol / dhea / estrogen, progesterone . LH, FSH, etc. Would he need to repeat all these..they were done in the past six months.

Dr. Roby has responded to several of my e-mails and thinks she might have a progesterone allergy.

Fogive me if I ask, but I have been throught the Mill with doctors and I can’t believe I am considering flying to Austin to see a Dr. I know nothing about other then the web site. I am weary of spending lots of money for doctors that I keep hoping will help my daughter with fatigue, headaches, allergies, menstrual problems etc…it has been over two years that we have been going from doctor to doctor. I like our doctor now, but feel something is not being addressed and Dr. Roby’s expertise in hormone allergies intrigues me as I am afraid my daughter might have endometriosis.

Is this something that is common enough (progesterone allergy) that I should seriously consider flying to AUstin? I don’t want to get my daughters hopes up another time..I know there is no magic bullet and I don’t expect miracles but I need to know that there is indeed something to this and it would be worth my time and effort and finances to explore.

I hope you don’t take this wrong me asking this! IT’s just that I am rather worn out by the process of finding her problems. I would like to see the Dr. as soon as possible if it would benefit her. We are heading to CHicago for our son’s graduation the 4th of May and it’s probably pushing it to have her been seen before this time? That is why I hope you can reply quickly with what labs she would need.

SHe has so many symptoms that have come and gone with different treatments. We do know that she is low thyroid.. her adrenal function is very low . SHe had an ATCH stimulation test and she did not respond well which showed low adrenal reserve. She is low estrogen, and some tests slow really low progesterone others don’t…She seemed to be doing better until we started upping estrogen and progesterone..but..I never know what causes what..Her periods have gotten worse on higher estrogen/progesterone..severe cramping…

Well..I have gone on long enough. I look forward to a reply.

Dr Roby’s Assistant Responds:
Did you go back and read the “Hormone Imbalance” section as I suggested?

Dr. Roby has a full panel of hormone testing that he requests for his patients. One difference is in how he interprets the numbers, but the big difference is in how he treats.

He began as an immunologist, so he knows the immune system backward and forward. It was an easy move for him to become allergist; they do go hand and hand, but he was light years ahead of any other allergist when he discovered that he could treat auto immune disorders in the same way that he could treat other allergic response. He treats the cause, primarily progesterone and adrenaline, by neutralization. Dr. Roby, in conjunction with ImmunoSciences Laboratories, in Los Angeles, which is the largest testing lab in the world, has devised a test which proves that these disorders are caused by an allergic reaction to the hormones. The reason that your daughter gets nauseated and sick on progesterone cream is that she is allergic to it, and whatever amount she uses will just make her feel worse and worse. If she were allergic to eggs, you wouldn’t want her to eat them. If she were allergic to hand lotion, you wouldn’t let her use it. We treat hormone allergy the same way that we treat allergy to peanuts, pollen or mold.

We successfully treat so many people with neutralization therapy, for so many disorders. Many of our patients have spent decades in pain, with horrendous symptoms, taking terribly toxic medications that just make them more and more ill, all the while being told that nothing could be done for them…medicine has failed them, just as it is failing your daughter. We see miracles here every day. Almost all of the people who work with Dr. Roby began as very desperate patients looking for someone who could help them to get well. I am one of those miracles. Had I not found Dr. Roby when I did, I would surely have died, as the other doctors promised that I would.

I know that it’s difficult to think of flying half way across the country to see a doctor that you don’t know, but we go to doctors that we really don’t know, almost always…the only difference is distance.

It’s totally up to you, of course, but once he has had the initial exam with her, he should not have to see her except for once a year. We can send a lab slip so that the lab work can be done where you live; they will send the results to us, and someone from this office will discuss them with you before you ever come here. That usually takes about three weeks. In the interim, you can make your appointment and travel scheduling.

According to law, doctors must see and retest the patients every year or they cannot continue to prescribe or treat those patients. Most of our patients feel significantly better within ten seconds of being treated the first time. After that first time, we can usually do whatever adjusting is necessary, by phone or email…and there usually are a few dosage adjustments at first. The good thing is that these are not toxic chemicals, no one can overdose, there are no downsides, except for the rare case for whom the program doesn’t work.

I’m truly sorry that she is having these problems, but she doesn’t have to go through it any longer. There definitely is hope for her here. Dr. Roby can fix her.

Patient Responds:
Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I really appreciated it so much. It is a overwhelming thing to have to deal with watching your daughter never feel good. Do allergies to progesterone just ” happen” or are people born with it? Why would it not bother her until puberty or this crash she had at 17? Does someone who is not allergic to progesterone ever get nauseated from it? She does tolerate a very small dose like 20mg…I am scared to get my hopes up that maybe someone will be able to help her! SO many people have made…I hate to go through that again! :)

But, I would like to go forward and do what I need to to have Kirsten see Dr. Roby. Please send a lab slip for all labs she will need. BUt, you need to know that she is on thyriod medicine, 15mg cortisol ( I know..nasty..but she was not able to tolerate thyriod without it..we tried..and we did try all the ND treatments to build them naturally…didn’t work) She has also been on biest estrogen and a progesterone trouche…will this scew the tests..and should she stay off the estrogen and progeterone a few days before doing the labs? I will need to know how to do that. I don’t know if she can handle going off cortisol…last time I Tried to lower it to 10mg she got really nauseated and headachey…I would so LOVE to get her off cortisol…from what I understand from Dr.Roby’s site her very low estrogen could be sapping her this correct? It’s almost like she went through menopause at 17…went hyperthyroid and then crashed….

I took her to doctors and told them of her menstrual problems but they told me she was too young for hormone problems…I knew different! It’s amazing at the lack of knowledge on female hormones!

THank you so much. I am willing to do whatever I have to do for her to have a chance with Dr. Roby’s protocol…it sounds too good to be true..but I will risk it!

I’m a man with CFS, does this make any difference as it pertains to taking dilutions of progesterone?
Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 2:04 AM
If I had a penny for every physician I have told that “my system races”, or that I have asked “is there any way to control the adrenal surges, followed by chronic fatigue” after ingesting certain foods I would be a rich man. I can’t begin to tell you how my jaw hit the floor when I read your article. Everything you mentioned fits me to a tee. I would appreciate your insight into these questions:
a) I’m male. Does this make any difference as it pertains to taking dilutions of progesterone?
b) If not, how do I go about acquiring the dilution?
c) Is testosterone and/or cortisol something I should consider taking? I apologize for my ignorance, but would be greatful for your advice.
You should know that I have taken both DHEA and thyroid suppliments, but both actually made me feel worse. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Roby Answers:
Cortisol helps but that is no solution. Terrible side effects from long-term use. Yes the progesterone works on men. There is a physician sign-in section where licensed docs can have free access to the protocol. I do not want patients to try to treat themselves, no matter how safe the materials are.
Dhea makes some men agitated for a short time. Try using just 25 mg for a month, then 50mg. and so on until you can tolerate 100mg daily without agitation. Testosterone is almost always necessary. We have grown low in these hormones and that is why we use adrenalin for all of our stress, energy and allergy needs. A low carbohydrate diet is essential…the adrenalin must have carbs to fuel it.
Low level exercise (slow walking) is the only way to get rid of stored up adrenalin.

Is it possible that my Interstitial Cystitis resulted from progesterone shots?
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 9:36 PM
About 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). The diagnosis was made via cystoscopy with hydrodistension. This was after several months of symptoms … urinary frequency, urgency, bladder pressure, and intermittent pain.
I tried and tried to figure out what could cause this. Then, I found your website and thought, perhaps … “Aha!”
I am 52 years old and started menopause in the past couple years. I have also had a great deal of stress in the past 1-1/2 years (my husband died in 2001, two weeks later my father died, I work at Enron … so you can imagine the job stress, I drank heavily after my losses … etc.). I started having very heavy non-stop menstrual bleeding in June 2002. After 5 weeks of heavy bleeding, my OB-GYN decided to give me Depo Provera. I took 7 days of pills, then she gave me an injection in late July. Another injection in early September … and right after that, my IC started. Another injection in early October. But by that time I had done a lot of IC research, and decided to stop the injections.
Do you think it is possible that my IC resulted from the progesterone shots?
If so, what treatment would you recommend? Is it enough to just let the stuff “work itself out” of my body. Would my IC improve after this? Or do I need to to take some proactive measures?
As you know, IC is a horrible disease. It has ruined my life for the past 2-1/2 months. Everything I read about it is so depressing. Chronic … non-curable … debilitating … devastating … a SSA disability now …
I don’t want the rest of my life to be the way the past 2-1/2 months have been. I’m looking for answers!

Dr. Roby Answers:
This is the worst hormone you could be given. It can take as long as a year to “work out” of your body. The only way I now to effectively deal with it is to use the Progesterone drops I refer to in my sections on asthma and hormones. The protocol is available to physicians at no charge, or you can come here and see us.

Sore, sensitive to light, cramps, low sex drive. Feel like I’m a half 20 yr old & a half 60 yr old.
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 12:21 PM
I have been experiancing fibromyalgia for the last 7 years of my life, im male and 20 years old, and it seems difficult for me to find good information on treatments for men with this disorder. In this last year i found myself wandering through a heavy fog of thoughts. Almost every point in my body cracks and pops at least once through the day, i never even thought that a sternum could crack and pop. At least 3 times a week i undergo severely disabling stomach cramping, that seems to have no association with specific foods. My body is sore all over, and no ammount of massage helps. My eyes have become very sensitive to light, most of the time i see floaters, and often during the night i can see the iris of my eye when a light flashs my way. I run 2-3 times a week, but often i have to stop because of the cramping. I have a low sex drive, and during intercourse i hardly to never orgasm. Im lost in all this and i dont know what to do, i feel like im half 20 year old and half 60 year old. Got any ideas?

Dr. Roby Answers:
It is the same problem that females have. Your hormones are changing and you end up low on DHEA, testosterone and cortisol. As a resuolt you have to use more and more adrenalin for all your daily allergy, energy and stress needs. Adrenalin causes severe muscle tension, brain-swelling (thus the “foggy” feeling you get), bone-jarring fatigue and loss of short-term memory. Then there is the usual depression (who wouldn’t be depressed if they felt this bad and there doctor couldn’t find anything wrong?) and the inevitable diminishment of sex drive.
Sound familiar? Depressing? I should say. But, how about some explanations and remedies?
Many questions relating to these problems, and allergy, and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section. It is directed at women, but the same problems and causes exist in men. I use the same tests and treat it the same way…balance the hormones (more DHEA, testosterone) low carbohydrate diet, low intensity movement (walk, slowly) and stress reduction (yoga, meditation, prayer). Try some of this…you have nothing to lose.
Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

48 year old male, pain in lower back, shoulders, knees and neck. Also very exhausted after work.
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 10:58 AM
I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I currently work a rotating shift schedule. I was told by two doctors that until I obtained a fixed work shcedule, my condition was not likely to improve. Is this true? Secondly, a neurologist has said that I may have secondary fibromyalgia. I am scheduled for an ERG. What is this? I am a 48 year old male and most of my pain is lower back, shoulders, knees and neck. I also am very exhausted after work. I used to work 8 hours and then go homw and work in the yard for 4 to 5 hours. All I can do now is basically just sit. I can only walk short distances without my knees and back beginning to hurt. I can’t stand for any period of time without my back hurting. Any suggestions?

Dr. Roby Answers:
Stress is a major player in this. Read my section on hormone imbalance. it was written for women but has ths same application to men. I would guess you are undergoing hormone changes…low DHEA, testosterone. If so then you get memory loss, diminished sex drive, weight gain, mood swings (mainly depression) and bone-jarring fatigue. Go to bed tired, sleep poorly, wake up tired every morning. Isn’t that about right?
Check out that section. Consider a very low carbohydrate diet (like Dr. Atkins’) and start walking, slowly, one hour each evening when you get home.

Pulsatile Tinnitus
Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 5:57 PM
I am 47, female. I have pulsatile Tinnitus. I have had an MRA, doppler of carotid artery. My doctor feels that it may be negative pressure in my ear (left ear only). I also had a stress test, all turned out great!
I have had this since May of 2002. He gave me Nasacort, and it does help, but temporary only. If I take Benadryl Allergy Sinus it helps for a short time also ( I only take at night- makes you sleepy). I do have a little pain now and then, no fluid in my ear, and my hearing is great. This heart beating in my ear is driving me crazy.
I am desperate. What do you suggest??????

Dr. Roby Answers:
If it ever goes away, completely, then it can be resolved. If it never gets better than, say three on a scale of zero to ten, then I cannot get it better than three. I can get it to the best it gets and keep it there. Allergy and hormone imbalance symptoms come and go. Diseases are as steady as a ship. If it comes and goes…I can keep it gone.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section. Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

Itchy red swollen testicles
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 6:44 AM
Woke up with itchy red swollen testicles. Went to the hospital about a week ago with swollen mouth and throat closed up and they gave me steroids and benedryl and this is the first time I experienced these symtoms.I took 3 benedryl tablets a couple of hours ago and within 20 minutes the itchy redness went away but the swelling is still there. What could make my testicles swell up like an elephant? Is this a medical emergency?

Dr. Roby Answers:
It would certainly be a medical emergency if they were my testicles. Get to a urologist ASAP!

Hormone imbalance, chemical sensitivities, low resistance to viruses, severe dry skin problems. Would testosterone or more progesterone help?
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002
I am 58. I first experienced chemical sensitivities in my teens, with nasal and eye reactions to soaps, cosmetics, hairsprays and cigarette smoke. I had very oily scalp and skin (diagnosed as seborreah) that broke out regularly unless I washed frequently. (I began menstruation just before l4th birthday.)
My oily skin tendency continued through the years with dry skin from neck down. I had endometriosis diagnosed in twenties. I developed food sensitivities in my thirties which are better now. I also developed vaginal yeast in 1972, which I have battled with to this day, but keep it under control with nystatin powder suppositories inserted vaginally. Taking it orally, lowering carbohydrate intake, diet changes,etc. and many other natural approaches do not seem to affect it. My digestive tract seems to test normal for candida overgrowth. (I have eaten natural foods for the last 30 years, with some fish and poultry though I do not eat much meat. Do not feel the high protein diet is right for me and I have low hydrochloric acid even with hcl and enzyme supplements.) In the last twenty years food sensitivities greatly improved– my problems are now mucous membranes of respiratory system in general. I have not been diagnosed with asthma but have lung, throat, eye and sinus reactions when exposed to chemicals.
I do continually “fight off” viruses, flus. I am exposed to a lot of them here. I do not freqently succumb to them but have mild or moderate symptoms which drain my energy. I feel better if I actually do “succumb” to it for a short time. Then my immune system seems to “muster” and symptoms leave. I do not sweat easily. I simply have what seems like a low grade virus, with chronic fatigue. I feel, through knowing my body’s reactions, that it is virus rather than allergies to natural substances. My symptoms “feel” more like flu to me, and usually follow exposures to viruses.
I had my last period at age 40 and have now been or HRT for sixteen years, since age 42. I tried to go through menopause naturally but symptoms were too severe (adrenals seemed weak and I had severe vaginal atrophy with irritated urethra). I use skin patch of estradiol (low dose of 0.035) with 100 mg. natural progesterone. Estrogen in higher doses(even 0.05) causes bleeding–two periods per month. My estradiol test recently showed “50″ for patch which had been on four days (changed weekly).
I have a NEW problem now in last two years which is prompting me to write you. My dry skin from the neck down has become so severely dry that I have painful symptoms from November to April, (feels fine in summer) even though our winters are not severe. I put on my fragrance free lotion, add some natural cooking oil every ten minutes. Skin from neck down feels tight, itchy and nerves in skin actually hurt everywhere. Feels like sunburn, but mostly does not look red — except for cracking, bleeding knees at beginning of winter, a few spots of staph on legs last year, and a terrific, deep yeast infection behind the knees during the rainy season, even though it is dry in my house. The nystatin and vit. E help infection behind knees. My whole skin seems to breakdown at beginning of winter. It is hard to move or exercise as it is so uncomfortable and even painfully dry unless I lie in a sleeping bag and sweat a little. My house is dry as I keep it warm and am always cold, and humidifier does not help. But skin feels terrible inside or outdoors. I have been trying armour thyroid, 60 mg. after a “borderline” test result, but have noticed no difference. I cannot use recommended creams with scent or medicinal smells as I get an asthma like reaction to smells and scents on my body, so I make my own.
QUESTIONS: I am senstive to medications, but would synthroid help more than armour? Higher dose? Would testosterone or more progesterone help? Or would it cause more oily skin problems? (My skin neck up has been in better balance so I don’t want to make them oily.) I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. In particular what might help my extreme dry seasonal skin problem which is painful. I do not know which hormones to ask my doctor to increase. More estrogen causes bleeding and build up. Thyroid at 60 mg–I notice no difference and had great hopes as I fit profile for low thyroid except I am slender. Gained a little on HRT but lost it with thyroid and taking progesterone every day rather than 10 days per week. I did saliva test for DHEA and it was low, but 25mg. twice a day of DHEA did not seem to do much. Cortisol? (saliva tested low once, then okay). I don’t know what to do next and I don’t think my doctor has had much experience with all this.

Dr. Roby Answers:
I think the progesterone you take is the main culprit. If we want to start a period in a woman we give her progesterone. It isn’t the estrogen that caused the bleeding, it was the progesterone.
Stop the progesterone and then wait a month or two and start 1.25mg of natural hormone tri-est.
See my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on the website. Many types of allergy have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born. The skin problems are particularly common when you are reacting to progesterone. Your doctor should give you more Armour thyroid ( 2 gr) and get your testosterone up to 25 or 30. Have a lab study done to determine Progesterone Antibodies (IgG and IgM) to dtermine the degree of your hypersensitivity to the hormone. Avoid hot water, use as little soap as possible, and take EPA fish oil daily.
Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems.

Acne, facial hair, excessive body hair, fatigue, infertility. My hormone tests were “fine”
Monday, October 21, 2002
Acne, facial hair, excessive body hair, lump in breast, fatigue, infertility x 8 yrs.
I have complained enough that my OBGYN finally tested my hormone levels. My results were “fine”. Your website sure sounds like me. Is there anything else I can do? I have battled acne for the last 10 years. I have every symptom listed on the hormone imbalance section. Do you have any suggestions?

Dr. Roby Answers:
You do not know what “fine” means. Usually physicians will not act unless lab value are outside of the range of normal. The range of normal can be huge. DHEA, for instance, of 65 to 72 is within the normal range for 19 year olds and for 79 year old women. Admittedly, in the “low range of normal” for the teen ager, but also in the high range of normal for the old lady. So your hormones might be “fine” from that point of view, but wouldn’t you rather have them back to the also “fine” level they were in a few years ago…before all this stuff started to happpen?
Many of your questions relating to allergy and these other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section again. Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

Pain in hands, arms, feet and knees, mood swings, fibromyalgia – Progesterone intolerance?
Sat, 12 Oct 2002
I am 56. Periods started about 13. Have had hormone treatment of some kind for 23 years – soon after the birth of my last child. Suffer badly from progesterone intolerance. Change of mood from day 15 of menstrual cycle to 1st day of period.
On HRT – Tried every variety as going through menopause. Put on oestrogen only HRT – Lovely – no angry explosive moods BUT: Bad pain in hands, elbows, feet, groin and general all over aching tiredness. Have tests for arthritis – nothing much a bit in last digit of fingers. TOLD I have fibromyalgia and that it will go away after menopause. STILL HERE!
Frequent hormone tests but just told they are ‘normal’. As you say, ‘but what is normal?’. DOCTOR put me on a progesterone and oestrogen mix ‘all the time’ tablet. RESULT: less pain – anger all the time instead of cyclical. DEDUCED: If I am intolerant of progesterone – cut it out. If ‘oestrogen only HRT’ gives me pain – cut down on oestrogen. But that resulted in more pain.
The pain is so bad now that I can’t use my hands without it. What you say seems to offer hope. The big question is can you help over the internet since, as I am in ENGLAND, I can’t come and see you…

Dr. Roby Answers:
You describe “hormone allergy” quite concisely. Now, how to correct it. Well, I measure several hormones including estrogen, DHEA, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid. I also get Progesterone Antibodies (IgG and IgM) to determine how severe your allergy is to this hormone. I treat that hypersensitivity with dilutions of Progesterone to desensitize you to that hormone. After doing that and balancing your hormones we begin to see some changes in weight and other symptoms. Start by beginning a very low carbohydrate diet like Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution. while also avoid the common food allergens (sugar, dairy, chocolate, citrus, etc., see “Food Allergy” on the website).

Have you ever heard of Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis?

Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Have you ever heard of Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis? The Dermatologist I see thinks I may have this but need to be tested to be truly diagnosed. I’m having a hard time finding anyone who has heard of this, much less what type of testing or who could administor the tests….any help??? I live in Florida.

Dr. Roby Answers:
I do indeed know of this. If you type “hormone allergy” into any search engine, almost all the references go to my website.
I treat it using dilutions of Progesterone. That Protocol is available to physcians on my website. The lab tests are available through most Pathology Labs and include estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, cortisol and Progesterone Antibody levels (IgG and IgM). The test for antibodies is done by Immunogenics Labs of LA and most labs are aware of them.
See my section on “Hormone Allergy” on the website. Many types of allergy, including APD, have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly true of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born.
Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems.

Chronic allergies, headaches, fatigue.
Tuesday, October 08, 2002
Help! I live in Memphis, TN…also a well-known allergy capital in the US. I am 38 years old, started my periods at age 12, gave birth to my two children when I was 20, then again at 22.
I have experienced headaches, scratchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, absolutely no energy, irritable bowel, mitral valve prolapse and had exploratory surgery last November for endometriosis (which a D&C seemed to clear up those pelvic cramping symptoms). I have been prescribed all types of medicines for these conditions over the years, am on a daily allergy serum, nose spray, Allegra. No one, even my gynocologist has ever tested my hormones to see if I have an imbalance in this area. I have been told that maybe I’m depressed ( I have a wonderful husband, wonderful teenagers and a great job that I LOVE). No one has been able to help me. What type doctor can I see that can successfully take a look at the BIG PICTURE and try to connect the dots? Seeing a separage allergist, gynocologist, cardio doctor is not working for me! Help!

Dr. Roby Answers:
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section again. Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

Patient Responds:
I have read this section again on Hormone Imbalance. These are the areas that have affected me over the last couple of years…
Headaches, stomach pain, pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, oily skin from the neck up, very dry skin below the neck, spot breakouts (not severe) of almost cyst-like acne on my chin, airborne allergies, extreme fatigue, water retention, visual disturbances (blurry vision), a case of vertigo approximately every 6 months (in some cases I have not been able to drive for a couple of weeks; I have been thoroughly tested for Meniere’s), numbness in the fingers on my right hand.
The hair growth that you mention – I have had thinning hair from my usually thick mane, hairy legs, a line of hair that grows from the pubic bone to the naval, and a few stray hairs around my breast. The pubic hair is quite thick.
I am 38 years old, weighing 120 lbs. Also, my gynecologist put me on continuous birth control pills – Loestin – taking the pill packs 3 months straight then taking the 1 week of blank pills. This has cured the cramping symptoms I was experiencing prior to the endoscopy and d & c I had last November. My last checkup revealed I am a bit anemic, to which he put me on an iron supplement 3 times a week.

Dr. Roby Answers:
That certainly puts you squarely in my profile of hormone imbalance, I outline the tests needed to deal with this in the section on hormone imbalance. In addition to estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid and DHEA, I would get Progesterone Antibodies (IgG and IgM) from Immunosiciences Labs in LA. Most commercial labs use them and I’m sure your’s knows about this. If your doctor won’t order these let me know and I will fax a lab requisition to you.
Once you have that information you can begin to nudge things back into balance. Some of your hormones may be “within the normal raqnge”, but that range is enormous. The protocol I use to treat the reaction to progesterone is available to licensed physicians, at no charge, on my website.

18 yr old son fighting terrible acne… please help!
Saturday, August 24, 2002
My son is 18. His Dermatologist has perscribed apparently everything but Acutaine, which my son does not want totry. We have fought his acne for at least 3 yrs. Red skin around mouth, and nose. One THIRD EYE that has been lanced twice and keeps coming back. Large pimples that are full of white GUNK. He is very upset by this and has quit taking all meds in hope that he was allergic to the meds. He has been taking Yellow Dock to help clean from the inside. He cleans his face three times a day with citaphil soap and uses a scrub with almonds. IT IS STILL TERRIBLE. We feel so bad for him. Doctors just want to continue the meds. Should we consider allergies to some food or WHAT?!! Thank you.
Dr. Roby Answers:
I think food allergy is a reasonable part of the problem; but, the real culprit is testosterone. When he was 14 his hormones began to change and he has an allergic reaction to the testosterone whereever it comes out through his skin…face, between the eyebrows, beard pattern, chest and upper back are the typical areas.
This allergic reaction causes a rash-like irritation in the skin and this tissue disruption makes it easy for ordinary bacteria (that live on our skin) to set up shop IN his skin and thus the pustules.
I treat this by making drops to the testosterone and desensitizing the patient to the hormone so that they stop reacting in the skin.
I would also get a culture of one of the pustules to find out just what the organism is, and what antibiotics it might be sensitive to. Diet helps a lot. Sugar is the primary culprit. If he is truly “desparate” he might try a diet of VERY LOW CARBS for five days. Fish, fowl, green veggies and water. Add nothing but salt. If foods play a role (and they always do) he will see a startling difference, even after just five days. Have him look at my food allergy section and the “foods to avoid” list. He should do this himself…it is HIS face Mom. There are solutions but he should seek them out himself. My section on “Hormone Allergy” was written for women but the same general principles apply to men. When one has one type of allergy problem such as the acne, there are usual;ly compononents of the other part of the pattern…fatigue, loss of short-term memory, mood swings, etc.,.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Allergy” on my website. Please read that section carefully and let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

Where can one obtain the progesterone sublingual drops?
Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Where can one obtain the progesterone sublingual drops? I have many of the symptoms and would like to try taking it. Thanks.
Dr. Roby Answers:
I prepare and sell the drops. They are covered by most insurance plans, by the way. Also, if your Doctor would like to know how to prepare them and use them, there is a pysicians’ section on my web wite. There is no charge to physicians for this information.
There are more Docs using this everyday. Amazingly effective for a wide range of symptoms and no side effects.

Headaches, Weight, No Energy
Wednesday, August 07, 2002
I just got done reading your article on estrogen. I am so happy because this is me to a tee. I was beginning to think there was no hope for me and I was just going to die fat with no energy.
Every day I have headaches, no energy, I feel like sleeping and eating junk food. I have all the unsightly hair (which started after my child was born 14 years ago). For about two years now I have been getting fatter and fatter (from 150 to 240). I recently went to the doctor because I figured I must be a manic depressant… I have been on wellbutrin and effexor for 3 months now. My attitude has gotten better but I still have no energy, headaches and crave junk food.
Can you please tell me what to tell my doctor or can you help to get me on extra hormones.
Dr. Roby Answers:
Tell him to read the section on hormone allergy. the tests are for the components of the “hormone factory” that is est, testos, dhea, cortisol and thyroid.
See my section on “Hormone Allergy” on the website. Many types of allergy have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born.
Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems. The lab tests are often normal, but LOW normal. so, we raise them to higher normal.

Hives and severe swelling during pregnancy – Prednizone?
Tuesday, August 06, 2002
I’ve started having hives and severe swelling during my pregnancy. That was 8 years ago. I had the hives under control for 4 years by taking Zyrtec once daily (at first I was on Zyrtec, Volmax and Cimitidine, but I slowly weaned myself off of them). I was doing fine for many years until recently I ran out of medicine and thought I was doing well enough to go without my Zyrtec. I was fine for two weeks and then they started to come back. Now they are getting worse and my face and lips are starting to swell on and off. The Zyrtec is not working, it’s been almost a month and it won’t help anymore. I am wondering if it is hormone related though, since it all started during my third month of pregnancy with my 4th child, my daughter, the doctor had me take benadryl and had me try prednizone, however I only took them for two days because it made me worse and I was scared to take prednizone because I was afraid it would hurt my baby. Then a year later I had another child, and didn’t have hives during this pregnancy and was fine up until I started weaning him from breast feeding him when he was 10 months old. That is when I started the zyrtec and everything else. I am getting pretty bad and the doctor wants me to try prednizone again and I’m not sure what to do since I didn’t give it a real chance the first time I tried it.
Dr. Roby Answers:
I am completely opposed to Prednisone. It is one of the most harmful drugs I know. Your problem seems to be related to your changing hormones.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imabalnce” on my website. Please read that section carefully and let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

If the drops block the Progesterone, will I still have my period?
Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Dr Roby Answers:
it blocks the side effects, not the physiological effects. It doesn’t ordinarily affect periods but it can make them more regular and less uncomfortable.

Asthmatic reaction to dogs but allergist says no.
Tue, 06 Aug 2002
i’m having asthmatic problems with dogs. Had allergy testing done and Dr. says no allergy. Then why every time I’m around a dog I start having an astmatic attack? I try to avoid dogs but they are everywhere as we are living in Germany for awhile. Can you suggest anything to prevent or help with this ? I do not even have to see the dog or know where it is for it start. Can allergy testing be wrong?
Dr. Roby Answers:
That fellow needs to go to High Scool. Perhaps he missed “Logic 101″??
I think it is quite clear you are sensitive to dogs. Doesn’t he believe you? The test is flawed…your observation is not. I treat patients like you for their more common allergy to airborne and hormones and if that fails to make them comfortable then we can even desensitize you using sublingual drops of dog antigen. There is now a “standardized antigen” (e.g., certifiably pure) to dog.
See my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on the website. Many types of allergy have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born.
Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems.

I heard people with family history of cancer should not use hormone drops.
Saturday, August 03, 2002
Dear Dr. Roby: I have a strong allergy reaction to many things and I have developed arthritis on my hands. I am very interested in your hormone treatment but I am not sure if I can use it. My mother and aunt both have breast cancer. My mother had surgery more than 10 years ago and she is fine since then. My aunt died. I heard if people with family history of cancer should not use hormone. Please advise if I can use the Allergy Drops.
Dr. Roby Answers:
My system doesn’t add hormones, it blocks one…progesterone. This is the one that causes women to experience PMS, this is the one that caaused the study using prempro to be discontinued. The “pro” in prempro is progesterone and that is what I block using dilutions of progesterone to “neutralize” its effect in women who are sensitive to it.

Low progesterone, rash, swelling, bad PMS.
Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I am a 40-year-old woman and I have a progesterone allergy. Blood tests have revealed very low progesterone levels. My gyn prescribed Prometrium, Crinone Gel, progesterone suppositories, progesterone gel, and progesterone shots, all of which I had an allergic reaction to – I develop a rash and my reproductive organs swell up. I am not on any progesterone now but I ovulated this past weekend and I have a rash and swelling. I am very miserable. My PMS is very bad and I have very heavy bleeding during my cycles. I live out of state and would like to know what you could do to help me. I am only interested in the progesterone treatment. Could you please help me?
Dr. Roby Answers:
If you type “Hormone Allergy” into any search engine, you will find all the references are to my web site. I see patients from all over North and South America for hormone allergy.
See my section on “Hormone Allergy” on the website. Many types of allergy have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born.
Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems.
The following characteristics apply to me:
My problems began after giving birth.
I have acne.
I have all 4 hair patterns described.
After ovulating, I develop a rash and uterine and ovarian swelling. On the day of ovulation I have a migraine.
My PMS is characterized by irritability and fatigue.
My menstrual bleeding is very heavy.
I think that I am beyond the point of treating my problem with diet and exercise. I am interested in knowing if I could correct my allergy to progesterone via sublingual drops. What would be the proper process?
Also, if I am tested for progesterone allergy does the test have to be performed when there is no progesterone being produced by my body? I am currently in the luteal phase and am having a reaction. Would I need to wait until my cycle begins again and my progesterone production ceases?
Thank you very much for your quick response to my questions.
Dr. Roby Answers:
You sound like the “Poster Girl” for hormone allergy!
No, we can test it anytime during your cycle. It is more impressive if you come in when you are most symptomatic, but anytime is ok.
You can get the lab done before you come. It takes about five days to get the lab work back. We test your sensitivity for the progesterone using dilutions of the progesterone until we find the range of drops that is most effective at getting rid of your symptoms. The treatment set should get rid of your symptoms. It lasts about one year and then, if you still have symptoms, we test you again and find a more effective range of drops.
Thanks; it is wonderful to finally have found a dr. who believes in a progesterone allergy. I made an appointment to come in to see you on Friday, August 30 in Marble Falls. See you then.
Dr. Roby Responds:
Please make a comlete list of all your hormone changes from little girl to now. It helps a lot if you can complete a comporehensive medical history before you come. You can tell from my website what I am looking for.
The more symptoms you have when you arrive the better job I can do of assessing the impact of the hormone sensitivity. So, don’t take any pain relievers (Advil, tylenol, etc.,) and we’ll try to get you “neutralized”.
I would also like you to begin a daily diary of how you feel, what you eat, sleep patterns, everything you can list so I can see the impact of your daily routine, diet, etc.,.

Numbness of lips, cough, tightness in chest, fatigue, allergy to meds
Thursday, September 26, 2002
Hi Doctor! I just found your website. Thank you so much for it! I am 60 years old, female, healthy, own my own business and having a loving husband and family. I am really having difficulty with allergies. I recently went to an allergist who sent me to a lab where blood was taken and 224 products were tested with my blood for allergic reaction. Test results came back as a very small reaction to eggs and mustard. ????
I am allergic to many meds including most antibiotics (all myacins, penicillin, cipro, keflex, darvon, benadryl, heparin, sulpha meds and some others). My daily meds include prevacid 30 mg 2xdaily, lotensin 10 mg 2x daily and estrace 2mg daily. My medical background includes 3 successful pregnancies, complete hysterectomy (when I almost died from Cipro500 which was given intravenously and raised my heart rate to 150 beats/min. and adenesin? spelling? had to be given intravenously to lower heart rate) gall bladder removal, heart cath which was false positive. My heart rate is very suseptible to stimulants (coca cola, wine, chocolate, coffee, etc.) so I have not had any of these products for years. I do not smoke. I am 5’7″ and weight 155 pounds so I am a bit overweight but I try to walk and stay active.
I cannot be in contact with any strong smells or solvent type products because my lips swell and become numb. Recently my husband was painting an upstairs bedroom and found some mold under a window which had turned black. He cleaned it with chlorox and painted over it. When I went into the room after he painted it, I became violently ill and my nose, throat and lips were affected. He thought perhaps it was the paint or products he used and called the paint store but they said once those products dried, there should be no residue or problem. This has been months ago and I am still suffering so that I cannot go upstairs and now am experiencing numb lips even downstairs. I am a mess and this is just ruining our lives. How can we determine what in the heck this is? The allergist gave me some Claritin-D but it did not help and he seems to think nothing is wrong. Are there other tests that I can take or tests for here in the house where we can determine if there is, in fact, mold spores, etc. Would you recommend that we have a whole house air duct cleaning? Pros and cons to that, I hear. I use a hepa air filter machine in the room where I stay mostly. I recently went to Europe and was fine there but when I returned home became ill again after 2 weeks. Please put us on the right track. Any suggestions/help would be so appreciated. Thank you for your help.
Dr. Roby Answers:
I am glad you enjoyed the website. But, I wonder if you read the appropriate section. Clearly, there is something in your house that is causing many of your symptoms. However, once you get hypersensitized (the episode after he cleaned the room) you tend to be reactive to all manner of things from that time on.
This is basically a result of your changing hormones. You have already mentioned several of the problems women have when they experience hormone changes…
weight problems (no matter how you diet, you cannot get it off)
loss of short-term memory
skin problems
mood swings and,
diminished sex drive.
So, what is the cause? I don’t know. Maybe the mold, maybe the chemical odors from the cleaning. It could be any number of things. The trip to Europe clearly established that whatever it is, it is present in your home.
What to do about it? See the sections on my web site about dealing with mold (air cleaners, ultraviolet “mold” lights, and best for mold AND chemical off-gassing…an ozone generator.
However, as to what else you can do to deal with your heightened sensitivity and all the other symptoms I mentioned, see the section on “Hormone Imbalance“.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section again. Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

Frequency in urination; food allergies; hormone problems
Monday, September 30, 2002
I have an appointment to see you soon. Meanwhile here are comments and a question. Recently, in response to a question I sent you, you indicated that I might try to eat a low carbo diet and see how that helped. I’ve tried to do so, but greens–two examples are brocolli, asparagus – bother my bladder a great, great deal. I also react badly to oatmeal and probably to some other wheat products. About the only thing I’m not reacting to these days are proteins in meat, poultry, and maybe fish. The medication on which I was placed for bladder problems (ditropan XL–now at 15 mgs.) is useless against my allergic reactions to these foods. When I don’t eat the greens, the medication helps me although I don’t like some of the side effects. Might I have a whole range of food allergies in addition hormal imbalance? By-the-way, I began menstruation when I was approximately 12 years old. Thanks.
Dr. Roby Answers:
You can react to anything. Once you get so sensitive that you begin to react to a wide range of foods you really have your work cut out for you.
I HAVE TO EAT A a very restricted diet Sun thru Friday. On Fri and Sat I eat anything I want to, knowing full well I will feel worse later. At least I am clear-headed during the week. I too do best on fish and meat ( I think chicken gets me if I eat it more than every third or fourth day). I can tolerate green veggies pretty well, but no grains whatsoever.
We will try to determine which food families you might tolerate. The progesterone drops have been very effective at relieving bladder symptoms.
I look forward to meeting you.

Asthma, arthritis, wheezing, aching joints, facial hair growth, memory problems.
Saturday, September 28, 2002
Wheezeing chest which sometimes becomes full of mucus so steroids are prescribed to allieviate symptoms. All joints are now aching & stiff, cartlidge in both knees are getting worn out apparently too far gone to have micro surgery on them. Facial hair growth which is becoming problematical on my upper lip, under my chin & eyebrows, the rest i can cope with. I have mood swings, do not sleep really well, and when i awaken in the morning i feel just as if i have not slept. My memory is not as it should be, and my concentration is getting worse, i used to pick things up quickly and retain information easily, in my job i need to be on the ball as i work as a senior care worker for the long term mentally ill. I value my job and feel i am now not doing it to the best of my ability, and am not giving my clients the full care that i once used to, this is not fair on them & i would like to get back to how i used to be. Please can you advise & help me?
Dr. Roby Answers:
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section again. Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.
Obviously, your hormones are not whqt they used to be. I measure estrogen, testosterone, progeste4rone, cortisol, DHEA, thyroid and get levels of Progesterone Antibodies (IgG and IgM). When you have these values it is pretty simple to begin to push your hormone balance back where it used to be.
Your immediate attention might be addressed to a low carbohydrate diet (like Dr. Atkin’s) and at least one hour of slow (I emphasize slow) walking.

15 year old daughter suffering from angioedema, swollen eyes, allergy.
Saturday, September 28, 2002
This is a friendly request for my only a daughter age l5, suffering from angioedema last since one year with a swollon eyes and while going through several blood test and allergy screening tests by immunocap. It has been pronounced that she is suffering from food mix and inhalants alergy and undergong treatment of various skin and allergy specialists with little success and hence this to have your advice whether she should go for starting buffered vita c powder plus epsom salt to overcome from this allergy. If so please I may be guided accordingly with other course of medicines inlcuing the vita c poweder and epsom salt. Thanks a lot in the meanwhile and hope to have your valuable guidance for my daughter’s ailment.
Dr. Roby Replies: If she is 15 and has had the problem for one year, do we not suspect her changing hormones? See my section on hormone imbalance. Get Progesterone Antibody levels (IgG and IgM). I suspect you will find she is out of range high for one or both of these.
If that is the case, use my progesterone neutralization protocol (on the web site for physicians like yourself) to neutralize her hormone allergy. Having done this it will be much easier to deal with her food and airboren allergy.

Blocked eustachean tube, severe allergies & fibromyalgia
Thursday, August 29, 2002
Hi Dr. Roby, I notice your advice for a blocked eustachean tube is to use antihistamines. I have severe allergies (I have fibromyalgia also). My doctor put me on antibiotics and antihistamine. After several weeks, my ear was still blocked, so he put me on Extendryl, and another antibiotic, and ear drops. I went to an ear nose and throat specialist, because my hearing was totally blocked, and he told me to not take any antihistamines, because he said they would cause the fluid in the ear to become “like jello”. I stopped the Extendryl. He put me on guafenesin, and Flonase, and my ear did not open up, and now he recommends a tube. Do you think I should take the Extendryl? I would appreciate your advice, as I do not want to get a tube at my age.
Dr. Roby Replies:
He does tubes for a living…$5,000.00 per tube. That solves nothing. Review my section on ear infections. Follow my food restrictions. Walk one hour daily. See my section on “hormone allergy”. Fibromyalgia is part of the same picture.
Many types of allergy have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born.
Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems.

Female 53, frequent urination
Friday, September 13, 2002
Dear Dr. Roby, I am a female, age 53. For many years, on and off, beginning as a teenager, I have endured periods when I have frequency in urination. For some time, I have had problems with eating acidic or highly spicy foods. As a 20-something year-old, I would occasionally react to grapefruit by getting a bump on my lip. My mother said that my father had this problem as well although I was not aware of it. Many years ago I stopped drinking coffee, sodas, etc. to help alleviate some of my problems. My problems with frequency have grown worse since I entered menopause at around the age of 49. (I was on HRT for one year; I cannot take it any more due to a possible concer with breas cancer.) Around the middle of this summer, my problems with frequency seemed to grow worst. I saw my primary care physician, who detected blood in my urine. He prescribed an antibiotic for a possible UTI. The medication helped alleviate some of the urgency and some pain that I felt ! in my perineal area, but it otherwise did not help. I stopped taking the antibiotic and notified my doctor. I asked him for a referral to a urologist, who ran a cystopscopy and found no problems with my bladder. He did a urine sample and also detected blood; he also ordered x-rays of my kidneys and said that the x-rays indicated that I might have a kidney stone growing. He showed me the x-rays but I did not understand them. He did admit that in one of the x-rays, it was hard to see if there was a stone. He prescribed something called UriStat-C (spelling??) (1028 mgs. three times a day). I took only two dosages of it because it seemed to worsen my symptoms of frequency. He also put me on ditropanXL, 10 mgs. a day for a trial period of three weeks to see if it would help me. I’ve been on it for nearly two week and am keeping a log to see if it is helping. The medication has started to help me a bit–when I eat a very bland diet–mostly proteins and some carbs–oatmeal. I have al! so ceased to take Fosamax (for bone density issues) because the 70 mgs. of “pure acid” in it have of late irritated my bladder greatly. It can take some 48 hours to expel this medication from my system and I feel miserable the entire time. When I first started the Fosamax, I did not feel that way, but after some five months of using it on a once-a-week basis, I’ve noticed this effect on me. I need to inform my gynecologist, who prescribed it, that I cannot tolerate it any more. At any rate, to sum up, for many years–on and off–and with increasing regularity I have suffered symptoms of frequency in urination. I do not for the most part have any pain in my pelvic area. I am highly sensitive to acidic foods and probably to many preservatives and products in over-the counter and prescribed medications. Thanks for your help. A friend of mine who is one of your patients recommended that I contact you.
Dr. Roby Answers:
This has to do with hormone changes in your last few years. as your cortisol diminishes…your adrenalin increases.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Allergy” on my website. Please read that section carefully and let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.
Read this and see how the adrenalin can cause all your symptoms. It can get so bad you get a rash inside your bladder. That is called interstitial cystitis. The hormone drops prevent all this.
Dr. Roby, I have read the hormone imbalance section at your web site that you recommended to me. Here are my responses as per what I saw there for you to address. Thank you.
1. Hormone Imbalance as per Hair Patterns: Thick Public Hair–Yes, I have this. Breast Hair: I don’t have any right now, but in past years I have noticed a few around my breast nipples.
2. Thyroid: About two years ago, my gynecologist was concerned with my thyroid and put me on a medication for about three months. She discontinued it after some lab work seemed to indicate that I didn’t need it any more. My 88-year-old mother has been on thyroid medication for numerous years.
In addition:
3. Vaginal Dryness and Itching: This has increased considerable in the last few months.
4. Hot Flashes: Few in number in past two years but I still experience them.
5. Insomnia: Yes. Sometimes cyclical–have for a year; then it goes away.
In your e-mail you noted the possibility of a rash–Interstitial Cystitis–growing inside my bladder. Would a cystopscopy fail to detect that? My urologist thinks I have an “overactive bladder.”
Finally, I don’t know what to eat these days; in the past three months I’ve tried to follow the diet prescribed for IC patients–the one noted on IC network web site and in a book from web site that I ordered. But I still have frequency, and and often feel irritation in my bladder after voiding.

Dr. Roby Answers:
That all fits with the “hormone imbalance” I see. How can I help you? The lab tests I use are in that section. The treatment is listed there as well. Consider a very low carbohydrate diet and see how that agrees with you.

Presistent Headache 15 days
Sunday, September 15, 2002
thank you for the great website, and if I had the money, I would fly to Austin tomorrow. But I digress. My health problems are many, but like you said, there is nothing worse than a headache. Mine is very weird. I usually never get headaches. But about 15 days ago I got one, that is still happening as I write. I have to take Motrin sinus to make it go away, and after about 10 hours the pill loses effect, and the headache comes back. It’s a terrible pain. It starts in the back of my head, in two specific points, and it hurts on my forehead too. If feels life I have an arrow stuck in my head from back to front. Most of the time it burns, like my head is on fire. This is very peculiar, because the same exact thing happened two years ago, right about this time of the year too. It lasted a full month. I don’t know if by coincidence, it went away after 3 days of massages to the neck. Maybe a tension headache? But I doubt it, I am always tense…

Dr. Roby Answers:
Read ( or re-read ) my section on “Hormone Imbalance”. It seems you are the “poster child” for this constellation of symptoms. The anxiety and all the rest of your symptoms) stem from low cortisol resulting in your use of adrenalin. I would suggest you think about that plane trip to Austin.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Imbalance” on my website. Please read that section again. Let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

Weight gain, skin problems(dark spots), fatique & sweating Sunday, September 15, 2002
I have gone to the doctor several times to have my thyroid check since the birth of my son 2 and a half years ago. I walk/run 25-30 miles per week and have been known to gain 1/2 while eating healthy and doing this kind of exercise. The doctor tells me that my thyroid is working fine even though before I had my son I weighed 148 and now maintain about 180 lbs. I can’t eat any less than I am eating or exercise anymore than I am. Do you have any suggestion in how I can get the weight off without feeling as though I am running my self in the ground?
I also sweat for no reason. The gynecologist tried to give me some kind of hormorne shot which only made me gain 8 more pounds. I have brown spots down the side of my face that came out after I had Jake and red splochy patches at times. I have fatique and no sex drive. I also have drainage everyday of my life. I have given my family doctor all of the symptoms and she did a blood test and told me there was nothing wrong with me. I should feel better. It is not happening. My dad lives in Austin and I am interested in coming to your clinc if you think you might be able to help me. What days are you in Austin? Do you ever come to Dallas?I have a wonderful life and a beautiful family, I would just like to enjoy them more. My question is do all these things together add up to some underlining cause that can be fixed?

Dr. Roby Replies::
See my section on hormone allergy. I think you are the “poster girl” for what I deal with. Yes, your hormones are “normal”, but the range of “normal” is huge! Your hormones were certainly a lot “more normal” two or three years ago.
Come and see us. We take most insurance.
Many of your questions relating to allergy and other symptoms are addressed in my section on “Hormone Allergy” on my website. Please read that section carefully and let me know how much of that material applies to you. I can then address your specific questions much more efficiently.

How long before the antigens that I’m taking take hold and help??

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Dr Roby Answers: They help right away. If you cannot tell any difference when you use them, move up to the next dose each time until you can tell a difference within 1 to 10 minutes after using the drops.

Allergic to perfume, petroleum, dust, tomatoes, nuts, pollens, bees… Question:
I am allergic to so many things I don’t know what to do. I can’t be around any scented or perfume products, petroleum based products, dust, tomatoes, nuts, plus I also get severe reactions to pollens in spring, summer and fall. Also, bees; even the tiniest of bees. I have become a recluse, only leaving to see the doctor. My doctors only give me Benadryl or steroid shots when I severely react.

I do have almost all of the conditions in the Hormone Allergy section, but I am unable to take any birth control pills. I tried them and my arms and legs would go numb. I know definitely about the adrenalin rush I use for all my energy. My body has been in overdrive for a year now. Any scent around me causes my tongue to swell. I have severe food allergies. Help!
Dr. Roby Replies:
Send me a complete medical history, and I can advise you better.

Asthma: since the birth of my first child, 1990; Dysplasia: cervical surgery December 1991; started menstruation at 11 years old. Major allergy problems began after the birth of my second child in 1991. I started taking birth control pills at this time and would go numb halfway through cycle. I started having severe allergies to pollens, trees, and dust. I moved to Texas at this time, and my problems persisted. It was during this time I also developed anxiety attacks. I was treated at a military hospital allergy clinic for a time, but I couldn’t handle the shot very well and moved. I suffered from mainly pollen and dust allergies until May 1998 when I had my fifth child. I was in a major car accident in February 1999. I didn’t notice any major changes until April 1999. My first thought was that it was stress related. I started to be very sensitive to smells, not in my nose, but on my tongue. I started to get severe itching on my throat and chin. It is also on my arms as well. I can’t touch any newspapers due to itching, I am sensitive to soaps, cleaners, deodorants, colognes, dryer sheets, candles, and now most foods. Foods I have eaten weekly now cause my tongue to swell. I am eating only cereal and water. I am surviving by using something to cover my mouth from smells. I chew gum constantly. In the past few months I have been unable to handle any antibiotics at all. I also get sick from bee stings, even the smallest bee. I have tried to go to an allergy clinic, but they won’t see me until I get off Benadryl for at least 4 days. I can’t go 4 hours. My usual dosage is 2 capsules every 4-6 hours. I am currently on the Prednisone, the last two pills. Thanks for any help you can give.

Dr. Roby Replies:
I’ll assume you’re about thirty plus. That being the case, you’re a perfect fit for “hormone allergy.” Ladies who start early (age eleven is 5 years ahead of the worldwide average age of sixteen), finish early. See my section on “Hormone Allergy” and you will see all the corollaries with the pattern I describe and your own conditions.

The second half of the Birth Control Pill cycle is higher and higher doses of Progesterone type chemicals. That is the very thing that you are hypersensitive to. That is why you have an increase in ALL your symptoms the week before your menstrual cycle, even now.

You don’t need to be off Benadryl or anything else in my view. You might consider coming to Austin. We get out-of-town patients in and out in about three hours; start to finish.

Female: Depression, short-term memory, skin complaints, sleepless, swelling.
I have just been reading your web page about Hormone Allergies and found it very interesting.

I hope that maybe you can give me some advice. I am 24 and have recently come off the Depo-Provera Injection due to wanting to slit my wrists! Constant depression, etc. I feel a lot better but I have a lot of the symptoms your web page suggests.

I have terrible short- term memory, skin complaints (which I know have nothing to do with keeping clean, very oily skin from the neck up, etc.). There is also a problem that is getting to the point of sleepless nights. Two weeks before my period my breasts become very painful and swollen, they get extremely large and have lumps in them. My bras do not fit and some of my clothes are too tight until I start my period.

I have been to my GP who has basically said to me there is nothing he can do but put me on the pill or a steroid hormone tablet. I have tried that, but it had pretty much the same effect as the injection.

If there is any advice you can give me it would be much appreciated. (January 31, 2000)
Dr. Roby Replies: Your observations are quite clear. The Depo-Provera shot is a large dose of the very hormone that causes most of the problems my patients have. It is your menopausal hormone.

He is using it to keep you from ovulating, just like a post-menopausal woman. What no one told you was that many young ladies react to this with all the symptoms of a post-menopausal woman: weight gain, soft-tissue swelling, fatigue, loss of short-term memory, mood swings especially anger and depression and diminished sex drive.

He is right about one thing… there is not much to do except wait for it to wear off. You will feel better if you try some phytoestrogen and stay on a low-carbohydrate diet. LOTS of exercise helps, as does time spent in a sauna (not a steam bath, but a sauna).

Try this and let me know if I can help more.

Swelling that seems to gets worse with menstruation
January 31, 2000
I have been suffering from hives accompanied by swollen lips and eyes since last August. It seems to get worse one week prior to menstruation and during menstruation. I have also had increased yeast infections during this time. Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to menstruation or would this more likely be classified as a hormonal allergy? I have had a skin test and blood tests, with no indication that I am allergic to the allergens tested. I am currently taking Zyrtec regularly and occasionally Prednisone for severe attacks.
Dr. Roby Replies:
See the section on Hormone Imbalance. Soft-tissue swelling is the hallmark of allergies generally and Hormone Allergy in particular. You will need to see the lab studies I use in that section and you will be well advised to go on a low-carbohydrate diet. See my section on Food Allergy for more advice on how to determine which foods may be aggravating the problem.

Can hormone allergy cause infertility?
Can hormone allergy cause infertility? I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. We have been trying to conceive a baby for a year. All the infertility tests are coming back normal. I am just learning about hormone allergies. I have had trouble with my skin for the past two years. I’ve noticed more facial hair.

I have always had very painful periods. Now my periods are messed up. I have had allergy problems since I was a child. Could hormone allergies be causing infertility? (January 26,2000)

Dr. Roby Replies:
I assume you have already read my section on Hormone Allergy. There you will read my view that allergy causes soft tissue swelling. In particular, Progesterone causes swelling of the uterus. That is the target organ for Progesterone whenever the Estrogen drops below a certain level, such as the week before your period.

In the week before your period, your uterus swells and in some cases so do the ovaries, and even the broad ligaments. If you experience “cramps” or pain before your menstrual flow begins, you see an example of how tightly closed your cervical neck becomes when you swell. Therefore, if it is so swollen that it HURTS as the contracting uterus forces menstrual flow through it. You can see how hard it would be for sperm to swim up through that passageway.

In many instances, I have seen ladies get pregnant after they get their hormones balanced and deal with the allergy to the Progesterone. I use dilutions of the allergenic hormone to “neutralize” the reaction and thereby reduce the swelling.

As part of the program it is important to reduce AS MANY OF THE CAUSES OF SWELLING as possible. Therefore, I suggest you address your airborne allergies, food allergies AND your hormone allergies. You can see in my section on “Food Allergy” the approach I suggest when you attempt to determine if you are sensitive to any foods. The best start is a VERY LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET.

If the brain swells the patient experiences fatigue, loss of short-term memory and mood swings. If the swelling is severe, they release adrenalin and this ADRENALIN is the cause of the FIBROMYALGIA, which is quite common in this type patient.

This will give you a starting plan. Try this and let me know if I can help more.

Severe chemical ,food,medicine and outdoor allergies
Tuesday, September 03, 2002 8:40 PM
I am came across your site in hopes of helping myself and my daughter. Your investigation into hormone allergies alerted my attention.I am hoping you can reply and possibly help.I am a 38 year old woman who has had a hysterectomy at the ripe old age of 28 due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. I had started on hormone therapy (Estrace) immediately after the surgery . As time went on I found I felt better off the Estrogen than on it. I completlely stopped the therapy. Had an occasional heat flash but felt great.As time went on my docs kept advising me to go back on some type of therapy but to no avail I found out that I was allergic to a component of all estrogens on the market and when asked to try natural hormone replacement therapy ( the transdermal kind compounded at the pharmacy made from Mexican Yams) I had such a severe allergic reaction to it that it gave me corneal edema for 3 months.I have also tried Remmifemin and to no avail feel as though my body is hit with a boulder after taking it.My symptoms on all of these ranged from nausea to heat flashes,blurred vision, headaches, malaise,heart palpitations , nerves standing on edge,severe edema and lethargy.I had experienced Rhumatic fever in 94 and my family doctor thinks that because I was taking estrogen that I was allergic to, it broke down my immune system. At this present time ,MY concerns for you to adress are that as time goes on I am becoming more allergic to foods,medicines and chemicals.I get sick when I just try to take a multi vitamin or mineral supplement. I am so allergic to soy in any form that my body has such a severe reaction I get deathly sick from it within 10 minutes of ingestion(lethargy ,edema,severe joint pain and bloating). MY stomach is upset and bloated all the time ,I cannot lose weight and I feel as though I cannot eat out any more with my family without getting deathly ill.I just dont want to eat!I know your study into hormonal allergies have helped others but is there something that can help me.Would small doses of DHEA possibly bring me around to some degree? I also have read that there are women out there who have had hysterectomies like me and are still experiencing symptoms after the fact. Could a product like Glucophage help me? I have the adrenal rushes as you indicated on your website also. I feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall for help! Any foresight in to what might help would be a blessing and I am willing to try. Thank you so much ,

Dr. Roby Replies:
You are one of “poster girls”. You describe “hormone allergy” very clearly. This is a phenomenom not recognized by traditional medicine. They try to help you understand that you cannot react in the manner you describe. Therefore, all your symptoms are imagined…in your head. I see patients such as you regularly from all over the United States and Mexico. I dtermine which hormones you are allergic to and desensitize you to those hormones using “drops” of dilutions of those hormones. You polace the drops under your tongue on a daily basis to reduce the allergy and prevent the symptoms associated with the allergy…fatigue, loss of short-term memory, weight problems, mood swings, skin problems and diminished sex drive. See my section on “Hormone Allergy” (Hormone Imbalance) on the website Many types of allergy have their basis in hormone reactions. This is particularly of ladies who experience increasing symptoms as they undergo hormone changes, usually in their late twenties or after the babies are born. Check out that section and let me know how those characteristics apply to you and then I can get more specific. You may find some useful areas to explore in your search for medical solutions. Areas such as dietary changes, low level exercise and alternative approaches to solving medical problems.

Hormone allergies in young boys

Thursday, September 12, 2002 9:27 AM
Dr. Roby, I have a quick question, I came across your website, very interesting! Can this happen to young children? Specifically a boy? If a person is having hormone allergies is there testing that can be done to determine this? I mean hormone testing? Not allergy testing. We have already done that and have found out that he has allergies to allot of things. So many food and environmental. It causes neurological problems and maybe hormonal problems?? He is doing allergy shots and is experiencing reactions, but he has only had 6 of them, I was looking for information on sublingual drops and came across your website. Can any pediatrician prescribe these drops? or any allergist? Please Advise, and thank you in advance for your time.
Dr. Roby replies
See my section on hormone allergy (hormone imbalance) for the symptoms. I don’t see this in boys under 13 or 14. The main problem with little boys is airborne and food reactions. If his is getting local reactions to the shots they are overdosing him. Traditional allergists have an unswerving “belief” that the higher the dose the more effective the treatment. I suggest you watch your son after the shots and see if they help him or make his symtoms worse. If he is having local reactions, I think they are making him more allergic. There are several allergists around the country who use drops. There is a section on that on my website with some source material. Try the food restrictions I suggest.

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