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Stress and Hormone Imbalance

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Dear Dr. Roby: Message: Do you also treat stress related symptoms? Dear JL: Stress related symptoms have to do with adrenalin. Almost every patient I see has adrenaline and stress related issues. This is usually caused by changing hormones. As we age and make fewer reproductive hormones our bodies are forced to use adrenaline for everything we do. So, stress becomes and ever growing problem. We examine this by doing a blood test to see which hormones might be out of balance and then correct that using bioidentical hormones, low level exercise (like slow walking) and dietary changes. Read the...

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IC Update

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Sent: Mon 5/10/2010 6:43 PM To: Russell Roby Subject: Re: progress report Hi Dr. Roby, I received the vials today. After a day at work I was feeling worse again and the IC pain increases. Something about my job causes things to be worse. Also, when I get too hungry I notice that the IC symptoms often worsen. I’ll just keep trying. Thanks, G. Dear Mrs. G.: It is all about adrenalin. Work leads to stress which leads to adrenalin. Adrenalin intensifies electrical signals in the brain. Your pain receptors for the pelvis fire off and you experience an increase in the IC symptoms. When you...

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Premenstrual Migraine, Asthma, IC, Fibromyalgia, etc.,

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The premise of my book and my practice is this: there is a cause for every disorder. I want everyone to do the obvious to find and address the causes BEFORE we turn to drugs and doctors. The obvious causes of many health problems: 1. stress: Walk slowly for an hour before bed. Google LSD Training (long slow distance). 2. Avoid poisons: tobacco, alcohol, sugar, drugs, etc.,. 3. Attitude: say your prayers. If you think you are going to have a bad day…you certainly will. So, we just cut out 20 to 30% of all medical care across the country. Dr....

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