Hormone Allergy

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I have had hormone allergy symptoms since I was 13 (fibroids, HEAVY periods, etc.) In my 20´s I started having allergy symptoms…hives, sneezing, running eyes, sometimes difficulty breathing. I am 51 now and the allergy symptoms are debilitating. I have been prescribed a birth control pill, and I use cortisone cream for the hives, but it barely works. A friend recently mentioned that my allergies might be hormone related. I live in California but would come to your clinic if you think you could help me. Thank you for your time. Dear Mrs. I: Your symptoms are exactly what we do. You are...

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Location: Alden, NY Question: Dear Dr. Roby, I am 37 years old with three children ages 17, 13, and 9. After the birth of my oldest, I started having awful palpitations and shortness of breath. At some point that got somewhat better and I had my second child. After he was born I began to have similar symptoms and was diagnosed with postpartum thyroiditis. I was told that my T3 was only affected though, so I don’t think I was treated at that time. I had three failed pregnancies after that, one of which was a partial molar pregnancy. I continued to not feel well and have palpitations,...

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