IC, Interstitial Cystitis

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Sent: Sat 5/15/2010 4:30 PM location: United Kingdom Your Question: Dear Dr Roby, I would like to take the opportunity to briefly outline my condition of severe Interstitial Cystitis, when it started, the treatments I have had, and where I am today. I am 40 years old and first got my symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis when I was 12 years old – yes, 28 years of trying to find solutions and answers to my endless years of agonising suffering. This including symptoms of extreme burning pain in the bladder and the urethra, chronic inflammation and a constant frequency and urgency to urinate. It is...

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Premenstrual Migraine, Asthma, IC, Fibromyalgia, etc.,

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The premise of my book and my practice is this: there is a cause for every disorder. I want everyone to do the obvious to find and address the causes BEFORE we turn to drugs and doctors. The obvious causes of many health problems: 1. stress: Walk slowly for an hour before bed. Google LSD Training (long slow distance). 2. Avoid poisons: tobacco, alcohol, sugar, drugs, etc.,. 3. Attitude: say your prayers. If you think you are going to have a bad day…you certainly will. So, we just cut out 20 to 30% of all medical care across the country. Dr....

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location: Wilmington, NC Question: Hi! I have read your website page about hormone imbalance and allergies…and I fit the description 100%. I have had so many problems that doctors haven’t been able to figure out. Your website just made it all clear to me. I get asthma symptoms once a month right before my period. During my period I have a migraine the entire week. My cramps are so bad I have to be on pain meds or I can’t work the whole week. I am 26 years old. I was on birth control pills for 9 years until I was 25. I switched pills 7 or 8 times because they always made me...

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