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Interstitial Cystitis

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IC, painful intercourse, worse with orgasm, pain increases before period, on estrogen (feels better at higher doses) and also takes progesterone. Dear LW: Check the blog entries on my site. Hundreds of women have used my ProCALM drops to combat the discomfort of IC. Essentially you describe a hormone allergy. Progesterone is most active just before your period and when you ovulate. High levels of estrogen block its effect. I suggest you keep taking your estradiol but stop the progesterone at once. Get some ProCALM drops and call me when they arrive. We will send you a copy of my book Maybe...

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Interstitial Cystitis and Airborne Allergy

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I am currently on the prescription drug elmiron and I have been diagnosed with IC and Fibromyalgia and RA I had a very bad case of IC a year ago and now I am keeping it under control I am 54 years old and also have an overactive bladder My urologist wanted me to go on Allegra for allergy would that help my condition? My daughter is also diagnosed with IC she is 32 Dear Mrs. C.: C.: While I find that IC is primarily caused by hormone allergy it is certainly aggravated by airborne allergy. It is also aggravated by stress, fatigue and food allergy. Certainly Allegra might help and it certainly...

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Hormone Allergy

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I have had hormone allergy symptoms since I was 13 (fibroids, HEAVY periods, etc.) In my 20´s I started having allergy symptoms…hives, sneezing, running eyes, sometimes difficulty breathing. I am 51 now and the allergy symptoms are debilitating. I have been prescribed a birth control pill, and I use cortisone cream for the hives, but it barely works. A friend recently mentioned that my allergies might be hormone related. I live in California but would come to your clinic if you think you could help me. Thank you for your time. Dear Mrs. I: Your symptoms are exactly what we do. You are...

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Estrogen Allergy

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Message: I’ve been on “Tri-Est” bioidentical hormones in troche form from a compounding pharmacy for 2 weeks. I feel like I have PMS (tender breasts, moody, etc.) and I’ve just experienced a migraine (with aura), which is what happens to me every time I try hormones. I\’m 50, post-hysterectomy (at age 36, ovaries removed, too) and have taken no hormones for 7 years because of the reasons described above. Am I just a person who cannot take hormones? I\’m vegan and stick to organic whenever possible. You are allergic to estrogen. Migraine, PMS, tender...

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Message: hI DOCTOR ROBY I SUFFER FROM ACNE AND I NEED A MEDICATION TO STOP ALL THIS ACNE I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING AND NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK I NEED YOUR HELP A FRIEND REFERED ME SHE SAID YOU DID A TEST ON HER AND HER HORMONES/PROGESTRONE OR SOME LEVELS WERE HIGH AND YOU GAVE HER SOME DROPS TO ADMINISTER UNDER TOUNGE I NEED YOUR HELP HELP HELP PLEASE You can come and see me tomorrow in San Antonio, if you wish. Call for an appointment. 800-842-6349. We are very effective with acne. If your acne gets worse before your period begins you can expect dramatic and fast relief. That means you are...

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Prometrium and Low Libido

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I am a 50 year old female, 5 years post-menopausal – weight gain, no libido, no energy, etc., etc. I tried to live with the symptoms for the past five years because I heard nothing but bad things about hormone replacement therapy. I finally gave up a month ago and my OB/GYN prescribed 100mg prometrium and 2mg estradiol, once a day. I had headaches, nausea, bloating, dizziness, so I quit taking them. They were supposed to be bio-identical. Do you have something that can be substituted for the prescriptions? I exercise, both weights and cardio, 5 times a week, and try to keep my calorie...

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Progesterone Dermatitis

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Hi Dr. Roby, I have had dermatitis my whole life (I am 27) and over the past few years I have noticed that prior to my period (about 5 days prior) I become incredibly itchy and my face will often “break out”. Acne medication doesn’t’t help but cortisone creams do somewhat reduce inflammation. I have self diagnosed myself with autoimmune progesterone intolerance, which I know would need to be confirmed, but my question is in regards to treatment – would this be treated with such things as prednisone or Armour thyroid ( 2 gr) and testosterone levels between 25 or 30?...

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Hi Dr. Roby I have a question. Do you think that since I’m allergic to molds and cheese is a mold I might be allergic to cheese, not dairy, just cheese? I haven’t eaten any cheese since I left for Michigan and my skin looks AMAZING!! Also, maybe something in Texas makes it worse?? I don’t know. But is that a possibility? Maggie ps. how did your knee surgery go? Splendid except for the fact that I didn’t really think about how they would do it. Two weeks of the most amazing pain because …he took a saw and sawed off my leg, top and bottom. Today is the first day I...

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Hives, Weight Gain, Hormone Imbalance

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location: Lincoln park Your Question: Finding your web site sounds like an answer to a prayer! About seven years ago I had my first outbreak of hives and from then till now I haven’t been diagnosed with anything. I have said many times it is like I am allergic to myself!!! I am 56 and have had 3 periods in months, don’t miss them!! But I still have hives everyday sometimes mild sometimes severe I try and control with Benadryl because I always got the same thing. At the hospital I must have came into contact with something I’m allergic to!! But I also have foggy thinking,...

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Excruciating Pain, Emotional, Hormone Allergy

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location: Tacoma, Wa Your Question: I was put on bed rest with my 3rd child at about 20 weeks and had to get progesterone shots once a week and a different medicine at 24 weeks to stop or control contractions. About 2 months after giving birth my whole body ached and I was a wreck emotionally among most of the symptoms you suggested. I thought the body aches were due to being immobile for 4 1/2 months and that I might be postpartum… I have been to 6 different doctors and have had millions of test done and no one can help me. I read your article and it makes sense to me, it is exactly...

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