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IC, Interstitial Cystitis, Infertility

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IC and Infertility Filed under: hormone allergy — Russell Roby @ 8:24 am Edit This Sweden YourQuestion: Hi, I have had IC/urethritis for 3 years and have tried 6 IVF:s during that period. When I read your description of the illness IC I fully recognise the symptoms, however during my period I feel full recover. No pains. I assume that a hormonal imbalance may affect my abilities to be fertile. All IVf:s have been succesfull of retreiving eggs and also embryos. But they allways “die” when replanted in me. This is my big sorrow. IC, I can survive, however painful it is. I also live in Sweden,...

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ProCALM drops for Hormone Allergy

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Location: Newtown, ct Your Question: I have been going to a fertility doctor for about four months. When my cycle starts I take clomid for five days. Then A few days later I take Prometrium. When I get a sonogram and the time is right they inject Orvidrel.I usually begin to get itchy and uncomfortable. They gave me a chest cat scan. I was released hours after. I was also given IV. That night I took Benadryl because the feeling came back plus my skin started developing a rash from my hips down. The next day I felt the shortness of breath again and went to an ER. They gave me a nebulizer...

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