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Interstitial cystitis treatment

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My illness started two years ago when I believe I started into meonpause. I was 51 and my sympotms were urgency and frequency. The pain in my bladder started getting worse and became intolerable. Pain could be a 10. Been to many doctors and have had a hysterectomy that was precancer. I have been fighting an illness I believe is hormonal based/thyroid related. My diet is restricted to vegetables and meats. I drink purified water and chamomile tea. That is it. I still struggle with vaginal pain and thyroid symptoms and my body vibrates and hums especially at night. I am at my wits ends. I feel...

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Interstitial Cystitis and Airborne Allergy

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I am currently on the prescription drug elmiron and I have been diagnosed with IC and Fibromyalgia and RA I had a very bad case of IC a year ago and now I am keeping it under control I am 54 years old and also have an overactive bladder My urologist wanted me to go on Allegra for allergy would that help my condition? My daughter is also diagnosed with IC she is 32 Dear Mrs. C.: C.: While I find that IC is primarily caused by hormone allergy it is certainly aggravated by airborne allergy. It is also aggravated by stress, fatigue and food allergy. Certainly Allegra might help and it certainly...

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Interstitial Cystitis

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Hello Dr. Roby. Do you remember me? I am in Trinidad. I got the ProCALM Drops and gave it to my girlfriend. Whenever she used it, it worked for a couple of hours. There was no pain from her bladder whatsoever. I thought it was a miracle. The problem was that it only lasted a few hours. Then she had a seizure and has not had a period since. She was hospitalized for the seizure and has not taken any ProCALM Drops since. As you can see, nothing worked for her. I wonder if Dr. Roby would be kind enough to advise her. She is in so much pain she is trying to get her bladder removed by surgery.I...

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IC with Allergies, Air, Food, Hormones

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I have been diagnosed with IC. although no mention was made of pelvic pain disorder, there is no question I have this condition as well. For a year, other than a few episodes in which I experienced a UTI I have done well on cytra-3 and dietal restrictions (very severe restrictions). For the past month or more, I have had a terrible flare and have found by using antihistamines (benadryl) about 4 pills in a 24 period I have gotten significant relief. I am a very allergic person, with multiple food and environmental allergies. I also used a vaginal estrogen cream twice a week (recently changed...

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I was wondering if you have any suggestions for someone with IC living too far away to visit Texas. I live in Massachusetts and I have been suffering with IC for 9 years and still cannot find someone to help me. Thank you. Dear C. A.: I would suggest you read all the comments about IC on my website. Go to and click on the “Blog” heading at the top right of the home page. There you will find over two hundred IC comments and replies covering every aspect of IC. Then you may wish to read my book, Maybe It Is All In Your Head And You Are Not Really Crazy. This...

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Interstitial Cystitis Post Hysterectomy

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Message: Dr. Roby: I am 44 years old. I have had urethral pain for 4 months now with bladder spasms. I had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago related to a large complex cyst. The path report was thankfully negative. I have seen two urologists and was treated with 11 bladder instillations. NO relief. I am desperate for this urethral pain to end. Had a cystoscopy with hydrodistension in June and was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. What do you recommend? Thank You. Dear B.M.: I suggest you try my Pro CALM Drops. You can order them from the store on my website at You are...

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Interstitial Cystitis in Male

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Dear Dr. Roby: I am contacting you about my husband John. He is 60 years old and has been diagnosed with IC with Hunner’s Ulcers. He has been dealing with this for at least 3 years and the symptoms have now become so severe that he is extremely fearful that he will never again have a normal life. He has had the bladder distention, biopsies, instillations, etc. He has seen Dr. Evans in Winston Salem, NC who is considered to be an expert in this area but he seems to be at a loss as to what to do for Johnny at this point. Does this hormone allergy apply to male patients also? He is...

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Interstitial Cystitis

Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in hormone allergy | Comments Off

Dear Dr. Roby, If you may remember, you told me to start with vial # 1 (since my progesterone level was good and vial # 5 didn’t seem to help) and take it for three weeks. # 1 seems to help!! I barely have any IC symptoms anymore!! You said that after three weeks you would mail me more vials (stronger ones) and (if I am not mistaken) I would need to take the new and stronger drops once daily. Could you please mail me those? Thanks so much! YR I am happy you are getting such good results. You still need to get your hormones tested as the long term solution is balancing your hormones...

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Interstitial Cystitis and Hormone Allergy

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in hormone allergy | Comments Off

Dear Dr. Roby, I called this morning to find out my lab results so I know if I need to continue taking the DHEA 5 mg, estrogen cream, and cortisol. I have seen some improvements with the therapy. The first thing I noticed after taking the vials I was more alert and I could see very clearly, I was no longer in a fog. The other thing I noticed was that my bladder flares with the Prog/Est 1 were less severe and I did not pass blood with my urine. I still had pelvic pain during ovulation and with my period but it was more manageable. When I started taking the Prog/Est 3 my bladder flared for 3...

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