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Hormone Allergy

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I have had hormone allergy symptoms since I was 13 (fibroids, HEAVY periods, etc.) In my 20´s I started having allergy symptoms…hives, sneezing, running eyes, sometimes difficulty breathing. I am 51 now and the allergy symptoms are debilitating. I have been prescribed a birth control pill, and I use cortisone cream for the hives, but it barely works. A friend recently mentioned that my allergies might be hormone related. I live in California but would come to your clinic if you think you could help me. Thank you for your time. Dear Mrs. I: Your symptoms are exactly what we do. You are...

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Hives, Weight Gain, Hormone Imbalance

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location: Lincoln park Your Question: Finding your web site sounds like an answer to a prayer! About seven years ago I had my first outbreak of hives and from then till now I haven’t been diagnosed with anything. I have said many times it is like I am allergic to myself!!! I am 56 and have had 3 periods in months, don’t miss them!! But I still have hives everyday sometimes mild sometimes severe I try and control with Benadryl because I always got the same thing. At the hospital I must have came into contact with something I’m allergic to!! But I also have foggy thinking,...

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Hormone Allergy, PMS, Rash and Hives

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Location: Round Rock, Texas Your Question: I started Jolivette (birth control pill) in January, give to me as a way to help with mood swings during my cycle (my husband had a vasectomy, so not worried about contraception) PMS I had breast augmentation 2/3/2010, with saline breast implants, placed under the muscle via TUBA (thru the belly button). Starting sometime around starting the pill and after the surgery (I can’t remember exactly when), my ears would itch terribly. I chalked it up to allergies due to the molds and pollen, etc. I have never suffered in the past, but I knew they...

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Bioidentical Hormones

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Your Question: Dr. Roby: Thank god I found your web site!! I have been going thru a literal hell for around 8 years and really was doubting my sanity! I had my first hives outbreak around years ago to the extent of going to the emergency room and getting treated but of course was told I was allergic to something but my doctor never even sent me for testing !! I went to ER I don’t know how many times and finally just gave up! so I’m 56 and haven’t had a period for 2 years well 2 for the last 2 yrs . I haven’t had a sex drive in a long time 9 years at least and skin...

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