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IC, Interstitial Cystitis, PCOS

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location: knoxville,tn. YourQuestion: I AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH CYSTIS AFTER INTERCOURSE WITH MY HUSBAND. I HAVE BEEN ON ANTIBIOTICS AND AZO TYPE PRODUCTS FOR SIX MONTHS OR SO. THE DOCTOR THINKS IT IS IC AND PCOS. I DO NOT KNOW I JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER. I KNOW MY HUSBAND GETS FRUSTRATED AND SO DO I .I ALSO CRAMP ALOT. WELL I WOULD LIKE YOUR OPINION. Dear Mrs. P: Regardless of the diagnosis, pelvic pain is almost always associated with an allergic reaction to the hormone progesterone. If your symptoms get worse the week before your period that is most likely an allergic reaction to the...

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location: Wilmington, NC Question: Hi! I have read your website page about hormone imbalance and allergies…and I fit the description 100%. I have had so many problems that doctors haven’t been able to figure out. Your website just made it all clear to me. I get asthma symptoms once a month right before my period. During my period I have a migraine the entire week. My cramps are so bad I have to be on pain meds or I can’t work the whole week. I am 26 years old. I was on birth control pills for 9 years until I was 25. I switched pills 7 or 8 times because they always made me...

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