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CFS, Male Hormone Imbalance

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location: Austin, TX YourQuestion: I have CFS and have been under treatment with alternative methods with very little effect. Those costs are not covered my Medicare and insurance. Are your office visits and prescriptions covered by Medicare and AARP? I am looking for someone in Austin who may be able to help. I have been going to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Dallas. DT David: Why don’t you make an appointment and we will talk about what I do and how it might apply to you. There is no charge for the initial consultation. No insurance covers any part of alternative treatments,...

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Location: Riverside, CA Your Question: I am a 38 year old woman that has been suffering terrible chronic fatigue since I was about 13. I would fall asleep in class and sleep all day while my friends were out having fun. When I was in high school I also started to get terrible headaches and lower back and hip pain. I was very athletic but spent every available moment sleeping but never feeling at all rested. I had what I believe was a stomache virus for about 2 weeks when I was in my early 20′s with severe diahrea and vomiting. I lost 15 lbs when I  was bareley 100 lbs to begin with....

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