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autoimmune progesterone dermatitis

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Hi Dr Roby I am 39 yrs old and live in Orlando FL. I came across your web site while reading info on autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. I have suffered with a skin rash on my extremities for 5 years now. No doctor has been able to properly diagnose me. In the end they all just think it is stress related. For years I’ve been telling all the conventional and holistic doctors my condition is worse before my period. No one saw this as a red flag. I always thought there was a hormone connection. I always have the rash through out the month but for about 10 days before my period it is...

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Rash, Hormone Allergy

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To: Russell Roby Subject: Kentucky doctors I have an allergy to progesterone. I have not been diagnosed. Nobody I’ve found in KY knows how to test for it. Do you know of anyone in KY that can? The itching under my chin is driving me nuts. It all started after my fiancé has a vasectomy and I quit using birth control pills. I look hideous two weeks a month because I break out just under my chin the week before my period and it is healing the week after. Nobody should have to live like this, but I can’t find help. I am 31 years old so I’m not sure that removing my ovaries would be the best...

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Progesterone Dermatitis

Posted by on Jul 19, 2010 in hormone allergy | Comments Off

Hi Dr. Roby, I have had dermatitis my whole life (I am 27) and over the past few years I have noticed that prior to my period (about 5 days prior) I become incredibly itchy and my face will often “break out”. Acne medication doesn’t’t help but cortisone creams do somewhat reduce inflammation. I have self diagnosed myself with autoimmune progesterone intolerance, which I know would need to be confirmed, but my question is in regards to treatment – would this be treated with such things as prednisone or Armour thyroid ( 2 gr) and testosterone levels between 25 or 30?...

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Hives, Weight Gain, Hormone Imbalance

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in hormone allergy | Comments Off

location: Lincoln park Your Question: Finding your web site sounds like an answer to a prayer! About seven years ago I had my first outbreak of hives and from then till now I haven’t been diagnosed with anything. I have said many times it is like I am allergic to myself!!! I am 56 and have had 3 periods in months, don’t miss them!! But I still have hives everyday sometimes mild sometimes severe I try and control with Benadryl because I always got the same thing. At the hospital I must have came into contact with something I’m allergic to!! But I also have foggy thinking,...

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Migraine Headaches, PMS

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Dear Dr. Roby: After reading through the material on your website, I believe that I do have problems with hormone allergy. I am a 31 year old female. I have also had anaphylactic reactions to wasps and bees. I started taking birth control when I got married in December of 2004. That is when my migraines started. On September 25th, 2009, I got a severe headache that has really not gone away since. I can count on one hand the number of days that I have not had a severe headache since 9/25/09. In addition I have had a lot of blurry vision, nasal congestion and sore throats. I have had abnormal...

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Hormone Allergy, PMS, Rash and Hives

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Location: Round Rock, Texas Your Question: I started Jolivette (birth control pill) in January, give to me as a way to help with mood swings during my cycle (my husband had a vasectomy, so not worried about contraception) PMS I had breast augmentation 2/3/2010, with saline breast implants, placed under the muscle via TUBA (thru the belly button). Starting sometime around starting the pill and after the surgery (I can’t remember exactly when), my ears would itch terribly. I chalked it up to allergies due to the molds and pollen, etc. I have never suffered in the past, but I knew they...

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Premenstrual Migraine

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location: Fort Collins CO Your Question: Hi Dr.Roby, I’ve been reading through your site for maybe a year now and I’m sure that I have an allergy to progesterone. I get horrible premenstrual migraines that are pounding and settle into the left eye. I’ve gotten them since I was a teen. I also get sporadic itchy rashes premenstrually. The irritability makes it tough to be a good wife and mother to 4. I’ve taken Frova for the migraines, but now the cost is $200 for 9 pills since our insurance deductible has not been met. I really want to fix the problem, not just take...

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ProCALM drops for Hormone Allergy

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Location: Newtown, ct Your Question: I have been going to a fertility doctor for about four months. When my cycle starts I take clomid for five days. Then A few days later I take Prometrium. When I get a sonogram and the time is right they inject Orvidrel.I usually begin to get itchy and uncomfortable. They gave me a chest cat scan. I was released hours after. I was also given IV. That night I took Benadryl because the feeling came back plus my skin started developing a rash from my hips down. The next day I felt the shortness of breath again and went to an ER. They gave me a nebulizer...

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