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Hormone Allergy and Asthma

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Why does my asthma get worse as I get further into menopause? Why is it worse during “hot flashs”? Dear Mrs. W.: As you get older your hormone levels go down. This makes you more “reactive”. You will begin to react in an “allergic” fashion to the postmenopausal hormone progesterone. You can block that hormone allergy using my ProCALM Drops. Order those and we will send you a copy of my book, Maybe It Is All In Your Head, at no charge. We correct this using blood studies to determine your hormone imbalance and then using bioidentical hormones to correct any...

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Hi Dr. Roby I have a question. Do you think that since I’m allergic to molds and cheese is a mold I might be allergic to cheese, not dairy, just cheese? I haven’t eaten any cheese since I left for Michigan and my skin looks AMAZING!! Also, maybe something in Texas makes it worse?? I don’t know. But is that a possibility? Maggie ps. how did your knee surgery go? Splendid except for the fact that I didn’t really think about how they would do it. Two weeks of the most amazing pain because …he took a saw and sawed off my leg, top and bottom. Today is the first day I...

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Hair Loss in 5 Year Old Boy

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location: Chicago, Il Your Question: Dr. Roby, I got your name from Colleen B. and was curious if you know if there is a connection with alopecia and allergies? I have a 5 y.o son who has been losing his hair for the past year. He currently has bald spots and his hair loss continues to get worse. LEt me know if you have any insight to this. He does not seem to have hay fever or any anxiety issues that could be causing this. Thanks so much. Aimee Dear Mrs. K.: I have not run into that in the past. What does the Pedi say? Does he have any allergy symptoms? Ear infections, stuffy nose, asthma,...

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Location: Riverside, CA Your Question: I am a 38 year old woman that has been suffering terrible chronic fatigue since I was about 13. I would fall asleep in class and sleep all day while my friends were out having fun. When I was in high school I also started to get terrible headaches and lower back and hip pain. I was very athletic but spent every available moment sleeping but never feeling at all rested. I had what I believe was a stomache virus for about 2 weeks when I was in my early 20′s with severe diahrea and vomiting. I lost 15 lbs when I  was bareley 100 lbs to begin with....

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