Allergy Symptoms

tuffy nose, itchy eyes, cough or chest tightness. These are the most common symptoms of allergy. However, it can also cause fatigue, skin problems, weight gain, loss of short term memory, mood changes and low sex drive.

We can treat allergy several ways. Traditional tests and allergy injections and can be very effective. We can do weekly injections or one of the newest rapid treatment plans that allow you to reach you highest levels in a few weeks. These methods are covered by your health insurance and our Austin allergy clinic accepts all commercial health insurance, including Medicare.

Home Allergy ReliefWe also use drops under the tongue. This method, using the same FDA approved antigens we use for shots, is not yet approved by the FDA and is considered experimental. However, if affords relief in minutes and can be done at home whenever you have allergy symptoms. These drops areavailable in our store on the website.

What would a life without allergies feel like?

Allergies to food or pollen may be hurting your immune system and causing difficulty breathing.Schedule a free consultation to find out what allergies you have.

Hormones are always part of any health problem, in particular problems having to do with weight and energy and sex drive. We examine hormone issues in your health problems and make necessary corrections using bioidentical hormones.

Call for a free copy of my book, Maybe It IS All In Your Head and You Are Not Really Crazy. Just dial a-l-l-e-r-g-y (255-3749). The connection between allergy and hormones is pretty clear and I wrote the book on it!

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  • Exercise: All you can, every day.
  • Nutrition: Balanced diet, avoid allergy foods.
  • Attitude: Say your prayers, be positive.
  • Vitamins: If they help you, take them.
  • Medicine: Stay symptom-free as best you can.

* This treatment is not approved by the FDA