Interstitial cystitis treatment

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My illness started two years ago when I believe I started into meonpause. I was 51 and my sympotms were urgency and frequency. The pain in my bladder started getting worse and became intolerable. Pain could be a 10. Been to many doctors and have had a hysterectomy that was precancer. I have been fighting an illness I believe is hormonal based/thyroid related. My diet is restricted to vegetables and meats. I drink purified water and chamomile tea. That is it. I still struggle with vaginal pain and thyroid symptoms and my body vibrates and hums especially at night. I am at my wits ends. I feel I have more than one autoimmune disease. I also have many food allergies and have not eaten gluten for 10 years.

Answer: I think you are right. All this is related to your falling hormone levels. As you age your hormones go down and you begin to have an allergic reaction to some of them. Usually progesterone.

We block hormone allergy with drops of fractional doses of the reacting hormones. We get blood studies to see which hormones you are low on and supplement them with bioidentical hormones. Order my ProCALM drops for symptom relief. Read my book “Maybe It Is All In Your Head”.

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Dr. Roby