Interstitial Cystitis

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Dr. Roby,
I just wanted to give you a synopsis of my use of the pro-calm drops. I have been using them for the past two weeks for my IC pain. I have had 14 wonderful pain free days!! I cannot believe that these are working so well. I have had a couple of times when I can feel the pain wanting to start, I use the drops and I find myself not thinking about the pain, so I guess it goes away. It is unbelievable to me, I thought I would never find relief.

I will need to call you though because I am unclear after I use #3, and #1, do I then go back to #5? Also, what is the method of use when I find myself in a flare? I have read your book and gone back and re-read many parts. I feel so much hope. I need to find a lab to have all of my hormone levels checked so I can send them to you for review.

You are my hero!!!
TR, Wisconsin

I will send you whatever vials you need. You should use ProCALM 5 when you are premenstrual or feel any flare up. You should use ProCALM 1 daily when you are symptom free. The real solution, however, is balancing you hormones. You must get that lab test done so we can get you on the correct bioidentical hormones so you can end thais problem once and for all. Otherwise, you are dancing around with drops forever.