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Do you treat hormonal acne?

Dear J.C.:

We do treat hormonal acne. In fact, I think all acne is hormonal. Teen age boys with acne are having an allergic reaction to the testosterone that comes out in larger quantities through the skin on the face, chest and across the top of their shoulders.

It is much more obvious in girls who can react in the same areas, but more on the chin and the bridge of the nose and cheeks. I say it is more obvious that there is a hormone connection because most girls note that their acne gets worse the week before their period. Most didn’t have skin problems until their periods were about to begin or shortly thereafter.

Adult acne is what we see when they go through the hormone problem in their thirties or later.

I call this “hormone allergy“. I treat it with diet, exercise, and hormone drops that block the allergy. In older women or in especially severe cases, we check blood levels of hormones and make appropriate corrections to this hormone imbalance with bioidentical hormones. Get my book: “Maybe It Is All In Your Head“. Order ProCALM Drops from the website store. Call me when you get them and I will guide you through proper use of them in your particular case. 800-842-6349.

Warm regards,

Dr. Roby